Join John Sabol, Mary Becker, and our impressive assemblage of speakers for a unique conference based on the hauntings at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Hotel.


The conference will focus on the Victorian period of Bedford Springs' history.  Based on research, we have found that the Victorian presence at Bedford Springs is the most haunted time period.  On Friday night, we will hold a Victorian tea and sandwiches get-together in John and Mary's haunted home.  Afterwards, we will provide participants with a tour of the haunted spaces at Bedford Springs with a Ghost Excavation to follow. On Saturday, we will have a series of lectures on the Victorian period.  Saturday evening, we will have dinner at a local haunted restaurant.  Later in the evening, we will do  a traditional Victorian séance facilitated by Margaret Byl.  On exhibit during the séance will be the original table that was used in the Phillip Experiment, conducted in Canada in the 1970s.  The table will also be on exhibit all day during the speaker sessions.  Also, there will be books authored by the speakers on sale, and other items of interest, available for purchase.   We encourage participants to dress in late Victorian period clothing as this will resonate with any embedded entities who still are "guests" at the Springs.  Period clothing can be an entire outfit or aspects of Victorian dress. Dressing in late Victorian is not mandatory to attend the conference and events.